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Home Therapy

In addition to receiving chiropractic care, we highly encourage our patients to incorporate home therapy into their routine. Not only does this help prolong the benefits of your adjustments, but it also enhances the overall effectiveness of our treatments. Similar to the combination of physical therapy and chiropractic care, home therapy serves as a continuous means of improving your health between adjustments.


For patients experiencing forward head translation, commonly known as “granny hump” or “text neck” resulting from prolonged periods of looking down at screens, we suggest using the Denneroll device. This specialized device is designed to restore proper posture to your neck and enhance the natural curve. We recommend starting with a few minutes of use each day and gradually increasing it up to approximately 15 minutes.

Posture Corrector

If you struggle with back pain or maintaining good posture, we often recommend posture correctors to our patients. These devices assist in aligning your shoulders and spine while also engaging muscles that may be underutilized. Our chiropractors focus on realigning your body and correcting any misalignments, and the posture corrector helps train your muscles to achieve optimal posture.

Lumbar Support Belt

To complement our DRX9000 machine, we often suggest the use of a lumbar support belt. This
device is particularly beneficial for patients dealing with conditions such as herniated discs,
sciatica, and scoliosis. By providing lower back support, the belt aids in pain relief and helps
alleviate discomfort.

Ice/Heat Pack

In our clinic, we utilize ice/heat packs, and we also recommend their use at home. These packs
can be utilized for both heat and ice therapy, depending on your specific needs. Ice therapy is
particularly effective for injuries as it helps reduce swelling, while heat therapy is ideal for
relaxing muscles and soothing soreness, inflammation, or pain.

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