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Dr. Henry Cousineau : Riverview Chiropractor

My wife Cindy’s migraine headaches led us to chiropractic

Thirty-six years ago my wife, Cindy, had sudden onset of migraine headaches. She treated them with the conventional method of drugs for many months with absolutely no change for the better. The headaches just continued to worsen. One day I expressed our problem to my father as he read the paper during one of my visits to get some of Mom’s cooking (shhh, don’t tell Cindy). He immediately exclaimed, “You should take her to a chiropractor!” I said, “A chiropractor?” He said, “Yes.” I asked, “What can a chiropractor do for headaches?” He replied, “I don’t know how they do it. All I know is Dr. O’Dell fixed my headaches 25 years ago.”

We decided nothing else was working and we had nothing to lose. Cindy made an appointment and in a few days she was at Dr. O’Dell’s office in Southgate, Michigan. After x-rays and an examination were done, Dr. O’Dell reported something that sticks in my mind even today. He made reference to a whiplash injury he estimated to have happened 5 years earlier. Cindy had indeed had a whiplash injury 5 years prior, almost to the date. He was the only doctor that made sense. She began receiving chiropractic care that day. Her headaches were greatly reduced and eventually disappeared. It seemed almost too hard to believe; no drugs and no surgery. Cindy’s headaches were gone. That’s when I quit my engineering job at Ford Motor Company and made a career change into chiropractic. Since then, my life and my family’s lives have been exponentially healthier.

Chiropractic Education

My education includes 6 years in the United States Marine Corp., Henry Ford Community College (Dearborn, Michigan), the University of Michigan, O’Fallon Community College (St. Louis, Missouri), and Logan College of Chiropractic, where I received my Doctorate degree. I have received a Diplomat in Applied Chiropractic Science for Life Chiropractic College West.

Family and Community

Currently I am on the board of a chiropractic university and a credit union. Also, I am part of an organization that creates programs to help teens wanting to further their career in chiropractic. In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my grandkids.

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